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Your Story

Your personal brand is your name.

And your name in life is the foundation of your business.

A modern collective of promoters. Everybody wants to be marketers. We're natural-born promoters. We promote; you grow. Eitan, Christian & Jason. We're Storytellaz.

Personal Brands

Talent Management and growth. From A-list superstars to influencers, ongoing partnership securing deal flow and vital opportunities. TV Placements, podcast features, placements in magazines like Forbes or The New York Times.

Publicity & Placements

Get featured today on Magazines or TV. A mix of traditional and digital PR and 'Business Lobbying' runs equity and creates a massive attention volume.

Strategic Consulting

Customized blueprint and workshops to solve business challenges and instill extensive value over a micro period. Be clear about your next 90 steps to be a superstar brand. We're mastering the model to understand attention, storytelling, and results.

Stories & Collaboration

Talent? Let us connect you with a company looking to pay you. A business? Let's connect you with the right talents to use their influence for your brand's favor. Financial outcomes. Not possible reach.

Once Upon A Time...

"Those who tell the stories rule society"

Artistic Inspiration
Lost Art

We help superstars connect
with businesses, and companies become superstars.

Your Story, Your Glory

We reverse engineer YOUR story.

We promote your story on TV, Podcasts, YouTube, Instagram until you reach the amount of attention needed for your next winning move:

Social Verification (blue checkmark)

Bestselling Author

Grammy Awards

Billboard Hot 100

Magazine Cover

Six Digit sponsored IG post


Some of the storytellers we connected

We are grateful to work with talented souls.
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We Work With

Executives, authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, rappers, experts, authors, celebrities, athletes, and digital creators.

Looking for TV Placements, radio interviews, podcast appearances, placements in press articles? Combined with collaborations with public figures and talents, we are here to make it happen. And tell your story.

Strategies and partnerships that drive your brand while reforming time, power, and production of remarkably active customers.

Wake Up L.A.

Get Featured in the Media

Our clients got featured in the biggest media outlets. Now it's your turn.

We can get you featured in some of the top Magazines, TV Channels, Media groups, and radios globally with our media connections. Publications like Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fortune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Tech Crunch, Billboard, Wired, TED, and many others. What kind of reliability would you like to build for your brand?

Los Angeles Contractor & Remodeling

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tellaz of Los Angeles.
Delivering high-quality stories for international clients. Ask us about Guerrilla marketing, promotions and storytelling.

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